I am writing this is regards to what is happening in our country today.

I am but one of millions of Americans who have reached a boiling point with the shenanigans going on with are so called government.

I am also the voice of millions who are afraid to “SPEAK OUT” for fear of retaliation by those who are their peers, be it at work or family.

I was raised to love our freedom, to respect its value, to cherish it for every second.

Because with out it we are mere slaves to a system that will not allow us to think unless told what to think.

I also am of the mindset that when our founding fathers wrote the constitution it was with the current events that are taking place today to NOT happen with out some kind of a revolt.

We are the bosses, plan and simple.

We are the ones who call the shots, not them…. they work for you, me and our children.

And when we let that go away.. we lose.

SO… join me in helping to take back what is ours by birth right and let no man or government stand in the way of freedom.

We can and need to raise because the Nation… needs our help.